Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place

Everyone has sense of place stories waiting to be remembered and revealed. Find yours.  

Meaningful connections to nature, history and place starts with YOU.  The tools and programs offered here can help.
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Keynotes, Trainings, Seminars & Performances

What is the Soulful Stewardship Method?  Is a creative process for discovering compelling narratives that deeply connect people and place. This work can be experienced through participating in an  in-depth trainings or seminar or attending a keynote performance, concert or interactive lecture.

This method has been proven effective for individuals, as well as the staff at National Parks, State Parks, Museums and other natural and cultural heritage sites across the country. This process works well for all levels of experience. It can be customized for differnent age groups and settings.

The Soulful Stewardship Philosophy is at the heart of these programs.

Help your staff give amazing programs
Interpretive Trainings            
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Inspire your attendees
Keynote Performances            
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Engage your community
Public Outreach Events            
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Empower the next generation
Academic & Youth Leadership Programs            
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Find your story
Workshops & Seminars            
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