Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place


    "If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are"  Wendell Berry

    How can we help more people care for, enjoy and appreciate the places we love? We can inspire personally meaningful connections to place.

    The Soulful Stewardship Method
    Erica Wheeler is the creator of the Soulful Stewardship Method. Her work is grounded in the philosophy that fostering personal connections to place inspires stewardship. Learn about her philosophy here>>>

    Who is this for?
    Erica skillfully customizes each program to enrich your sense-of-place. Her programs evoke a powerful bond between people and place, no matter where you are. They are effective for people of all ages, backgrounds and level of experience. They work equally well in all settings, from urban to historic, and from suburban to wild.

    With over three decades of experience working with the sense-of-place concept, Erica is an award-winning songwriter, and a sense-of-place speaker and educator who inspires, educates and entertains. Her services include performances, keynotes, workshops and trainings for both public events and professional development.

    In addition to community programs, she specializes in working with groups and organizations, such as the National Park Service or the American Horticultural Society, who want to provide engaging, creative, skill-building programing to inspire enjoyment, as well as engagement in conservation, preservation and stewardship of our natural and cultural resources.

    What are the results?
    Her Soulful Stewardship Method helps people tap into the power of place in a way they may never have experienced before, or had long forgotten. Attendees gain palpable links to our individual and collective heritage, and cultivate an authentic sense of stewardship. They leave uplifted, with a sense of place and belonging that is deeply needed in our world today.

    Results include:
    • New skills and techniques for connecting people and place in your personal or professional work.
    • Ideas for how to use your own strengths and heartfelt passion to make a difference in the world.
    • A toolkit of ways to  experience more well-being, increasing your capacity to lead a richer, fuller more meaning-filled life, no matter where you are.

    Next Steps
    Start now on your soulful sense-of-place journey by signing up for Erica's newsletter and receiving her free ebook "Seven Soulful Ways to Connect to Place."  Sign up here>>>

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    "In a world where we often fail to connect our heads and our hearts, where we often rely so heavily on the deeply rational and scientific that we loose sight of our collective humanity, Erica helps us to bridge these spaces."
    Torrey McMillan, Director, Center for Sustainability,
    Hathaway Brown School, OH
    Watch this short introductory video:

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