Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place

This recording is dedicated to those of you who came up to me at the CD table after a show and asked, "Which one is most like tonight?" Now I can point and say "This one!" . From the liner notes of "Almost Like Tonight".

The Specs
Mostly gathered from a 2004 Valentine's Night concert in Homestead, Florida, this CD is a compilation of live recordings. Included are: some song introductions, live versions of Erica's previously released songs, some new songs, some funny songs that lend themselves to a live setting, a new studio version of a song from Erica's first cassette and a short radio interview on KPIG radio.

"This mostly acoustic album finds Wheeler doing what she does best, which is enchanting crowds with her songs and personality. Most of the songs are from her previous albums with a few covers mixed in. You also get one previously unreleased song to make it even more enticing. She came up on the open mike and coffee house circuit and has never strayed from her roots and vision. This is one of those discs where if you close your eyes you’d swear you were there."

updated: 3 years ago