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Formats, Packages and Fees + Inquiry Form

Booking Information

Booking Information

Each program is customized to suit your target group and to celebrate and inspire connections to your place. Together, we can explore which program is the best fit for your site and your budget.

Start here: Fill out this email inquiry form  with as much information as you have presently.

Need more info? Read through the list below for ideas

Questions? write Erica to find out the best way to bring her to your organization or community.

Event Type

Professional Development Trainings & Events
Trainings & Seminars


Youth Leadership & Academic Settings
Guest Lectures

Youth Leadership Programs,

Outreach and Engagement Programs/Events


Member and Community Events/Milestones, Celebrations, Festivals

Package Ideas

1) Professional Development:
Events & Trainings

  • Keynote + Introductory breakout session
  • A half-day or full-day training/seminar
  • An additional performance for your organization or larger community

2) Outreach & Engagement Programs:
Performances & Workshops

What is your budget?

Erica charges a day rate plus expenses. Use inquiry form for a price quote.

Discounts, Grants and Sponsorships

  • Save by sharing travel costs when I’m already in your area
  • Book two or more programs for a package discount
  • Block book with other local groups and organizations for a package discount
  • Local Cultural Council Grants
  • Friends Groups
  • Sponsorship


Travel, food and lodging
Billed at the standard government rates for mileage, food and lodging.
(Erica is based in western Massachusetts, and typically flies out of Hartford, CT.)

Sound System: Erica can provide a state of the art Bose sound system for programs within driving distance of western Massachusetts at no additional charge.


We can accepct credit card, check or direct deposits.
For Federal Agencies: Erica has an active DUNS number and is enrolled in the payment system.

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